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Key Accounts Need Web Push Notifications

As a major account, you know how crucial it is to notify clients of service changes swiftly and effectively. Email and phone calls are slow, and customers may not check their inbox or voicemail.  Web push notifications could help.

What is Web Push Notification

Web push alerts appear on a user’s desktop or mobile device even while they’re not browsing. Key accounts may quickly and efficiently reach clients and consumers with EngageLab’s Web Push Notification Service. It can improve service change notifications:

Real-Time Alerts

You must tell clients of critical service changes as soon as feasible. Web push notifications allow clients to receive notifications without refreshing their browser or checking their email. You can instantly alert clients of service modifications.

Personal Alerts

EngageLab’s Web Push Notification Service lets you generate client-specific notifications. Include their name, account information, and other relevant details in the notification to increase engagement.

Introduce EngageLab

EngageLab, a major Chinese web push notification service provider, offers a comprehensive array of tools and capabilities to assist key accounts reach their clients and consumers fast and effectively. EngageLab’s Web Push Notification Service has a user-friendly interface, multiple browser support, and guiding recommendations for adding subscribers. EngageLab guarantees real-time service change notifications to your clients, helping you build solid relationships.


In conclusion, web push notifications are strong tools for important accounts to alert clients of service changes. EngageLab‘s Web Push Notification Service lets you reach clients fast and efficiently with customised alerts that boost engagement and deepen connections.

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