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Introduction to SEO

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. You must have heard this acronym for more than thousands of times and you know that it is some kind of process that will enable a site to get more hits or visits. Well, it is actually way more than that. Essentially, SEO is a crafting process of setting a website or weblog in a precise manner that it will be indexed by search engine most correctly and with this process, it will inevitably and objectively create more visits to the site which bears this mechanism.

In order to understand further on what exactly is SEO, we need to understand fully the mechanism of a search engine. As you know search engines are actually a front of an enormous size of database, which allows user to search for whatever they desire. Of course, the most popular search engines by far are Yahoo and Google. Consequently, users apply their search content and get their result thinking that they are searching the Internet. That is truly not the case as the search process actually takes place on its online database.

The databases used by the search engines generally were created by using algorithms and codes that consistently feed results into the database subjected to the algorithms criteria. The data is subsequently compared and sieved out sites depending on the level of relevance in relation to the criteria of the algorithms. Put it simply, the higher your level of relevance will absolutely determine where your site will stand within that database and it’s appearance rate during search.

At the most fundamental view, SEO is critical to determine your site’s success in terms of traffic. It is a particularly desired technique to be used for a website. The key is none other than relevance. Subject, description, content as well as title needs to as close and relevant as possible.

Currently, it is a hot desire, which most people would resort to paying of high fee to acquire high level of SEO from individual or rather net freelancers. Well, there is no 100% guaranteed of being at the top spot of Yahoo, Google or other search engines, for that matter. But a precisely crafted site could gain a higher rank in search engines.

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