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SEO Tips Move Over Google Yahoo and MSN Are Here Also

For Search Engine Optimization Check Out the Competition

If You’re Looking for Information about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization or SEO don’t just focus on Google. Google is a big player in the search engine market. The big G has two great competitors that have somewhere between 41 and 45% of the search engine market. Next to Google,Yahoo is the next biggest search engine. MSN is also a player in the search engine market. Unfortunately, people spend too much time trying to please and get ranked on Google alone. Google seems to be penalizing website owners with it’s influence. The famous “Google slap” of 2006 showed website owners how unfeeling this giant Company is.

Search engine optimization or SEO basically boils down to what website shows up when a prospective Internet searcher types in a keyword or key phrase. For instance, if you type in the word coffee on Google you get 276 million listings. On MSN there are 46 million listings for the word coffee. Most visitors will click on the first one to 10 paragraphs on that page. If they don’t find what they want they just leave. Experts in this battle are trying to get on the front page of the search engine. The thinking is that if you are on the front page for a keyword then you have a much better chance to have somebody click on that website and possibly make a purchase using the information that they find. How often do you search through 10 pages to find what you’re looking for? Most people give up after a few pages.

What many Internet marketers are not familiar with is the fact that people that use Yahoo and MSN tend to click more on ads that they see. So to an Internet marketer that can mean extra revenue. If they are a publisher those extra clicks mean money. By using these other search engines it is easier for an Internet marketer to have his website seen and possibly clicked on. Google charges more for its ad space generally. It is a competitive world out there. Not using all three search engines could be costing you money.

Those new to Internet marketing sometimes see large companies dominating the first page of the search engine they are looking at. The specific keywords that people are typing in are not necessarily targeted to this company and the product it is offering. Encasing your keyword phrase in quotes can narrow down the competition. The word car is a very broad keyword. If you were to use the word car with a more in depth phrase like ” sports car insurance” you would get less direct competition. Internet marketers that use single words can find the competition to hard to overcome. An even more precise term like “sports car insurance Massachusetts” will find even less competition.

If you want to get your product seen on your website, then using Yahoo and MSN might be better for you to get more visitors. Remember that not everybody uses Google to search with. Search engine optimization is too broad a topic to cover in one small article. If you want the world to see your webpage, you might consider using and optimizing keywords on Yahoo and MSN. Try experimenting with number two and number three.

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