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There can be no doubt, New88 is one of the leading bookmakers in the betting market today. The influence of this online game portal is not only shown in the Vietnamese market but also spread to other Asian countries. However, many new players still have many questions about the bookmaker New888. Today’s New88 Faq article will answer all frequently asked questions about this bookmaker for bettors to know.

NEW88 Is it a scam?

The rumor that New88 is a scam is 100% fabricated information. This is a bookmaker that is under supervision and protection from state agencies. Specifically, NEW88 faq operates under the management of a corporation from the Philippines – M.A.N Entertainment Group. NEW88 is one of the oldest operating names in the field of online entertainment in Asia.

Besides,New88 also licensed to operate by the Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Port. Information about fraudulent bookmakers comes from unfair competition or players being tricked into participating in entertainment at fake units, etc. We affirm thatNEW88 Completely a safe, legal, reputable and transparent playground.

How many times can I register for a NEW88 account?

Registering a New88 account is completely free, but according to regulations, each player is only allowed to own one valid account on the system. All information that players provide to the dealer such as full name, bank account, phone number must be real and genuine information to ensure the dealer can identify them in case of need.

The rule that each player is only allowed to have one account helps New88 better control the problem of fraud, ensuring maximum benefits for all members. Besides, in case of an incident, members who have verified their ownership will also receive faster and better support.

Why can’t access – New88 most common FAQ

There are a few reasons why members cannot access the bookmaker’s websiteNEW88. The first cause may be due to an internet connection error. At this time, players need to check whether their network connection is stable or not and access New88 again. The next reason may come from the reason the website is under maintenance. However, before each maintenance period, the system will also proactively notify members.

Besides, not being able to access the homepage New88 It could also be due to the player entering incorrect login information. Another reason is that it is very likely that the member used the wrong access link. There are many fraudulent bookmakers that provide fake links online in the name of the bookmaker.

What to do if you forget your New 88 login information?

Login information includes username and password to access the account that the customer has registered. Without either of the above two types of information, you will not be able to log in and participate in entertainment. If you encounter a situation where you cannot remember this information correctly, the player clicks “Forgot password” or “Forgot username” and follows the instructions to change the information.

What to do when someone steals your account?

If you enter incorrect information more than 5 times, your account will be temporarily disabled. Therefore, if a customer discovers that they cannot access their account for this reason, it is likely that an intruder has tried to log into the account. Customers need to immediately contact customer service staff to report to receive quick support.

If the account reports incorrect login information (in case the player enters the information correctly), the intruder may have accessed the account and changed the login information. At this time, members must also report to the staff to handle the problem as soon as possible.

Is depositing/withdrawing money at NEW88 bookmaker complicated?

To optimize the customer experience in the system, the unit uses many different deposit/withdrawal methods from traditional to modern. Therefore, the deposit/withdrawal process is at New88 faq Quite simple, doesn’t take much time. If new players are not familiar with this operation, they can access the “Deposit Instructions” and “Withdrawal Instructions” sections on the website’s homepage. NEW88 for reference.
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Is NEW88’s security system good?

The answer to this New88 Faq is DEFINITELY YES. Currently, game portal 88 New uses modern multi-layer security technology – 128 bit SSL to protect the information members have provided. Furthermore, all members’ transaction history is also absolutely confidential. To increase the safety of personal information, members are encouraged to proactively not provide their account information to third parties to avoid being exploited by thieves.

Above are the answers to some NEW88 FAQ most popular. Any other questions of members can be further supported and consulted by the system’s customer care staff.

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