Master the Art of Betting: Discover the Secret Behind Every Winning Bet

Trang chủ đăng nhập New88 In the world of football betting, bet off is not only a familiar term but also a life-saving strategy for many players. As expected, this requires agility and decisiveness to reduce damage, or even preserve victory. Continue reading the following article by link inNew88 to understand how and how to apply bets intelligently, helping you always maintain your form on the betting field!

The Concept of Settling the Odds and the Reasons That Cannot Be Ignored

Clearing the odds in soccer betting is a technique that every bettor needs to know. When you see that the game is not going as planned, letting go is the way you choose to cancel the bet, to minimize risks and limit losses. This is a strategic move, requiring acumen and quick decisions based on the progress of the match.

Why is it necessary to release bets? Simply because it helps protect your budget against possible surprises, while also opening up the opportunity to safely withdraw when you see that your chances of winning are gone. This not only helps reduce financial pressure but also allows flexible reorientation of betting strategies.

Betting Method: Which Option Should You Bet On?

There are two How to release bets which any bettor needs to understand to play smart and protect their wallet.

  • Winning Odds: When you are leading and feel victory is within reach, but are worried about surprises at the end of the match, this is the time to “bet the winning position” into play. You take profits immediately, avoid risks and preserve your winnings, even though you know that you may lose part of your potential profits.
  • Lose Bets: This method is applied when the situation is not very positive, and you predict a less than ideal outcome. “Release losing bets” helps you cut losses, recover part of your bet capital, and keep your spirit and wallet from being too hurt.

Each form has an appropriate time to apply, depending on the progress of the match and the player’s personal feelings. Understanding and flexibly using these two methods will help bettors maintain their advantage, control the game, and most importantly, preserve their bets in unsatisfactory situations.

Formula for calculating money when releasing bets in soccer

Once you have chosen bet off As a strategy, the next thing to do is calculate the amount of money you can earn. This calculation depends on the time you decide to “let go” and the odds at that time. Below are two main calculation methods for you to master.

Calculate Money When Clearing All Bets

When you decide to “clear out” the entire bet, the formula for calculating the money you receive is as follows:

Money received = ((Odds of initial bet / Odds when releasing the bet) x Initial amount) – Initial amount.

This method requires you to closely monitor the odds and decide when to “let go” for the most benefit. This is the way to maximize your recovery, especially when you feel that you no longer have confidence in the initial results chosen.

Calculation When Paying Partial Bet

For those who want to minimize risk but still want to keep part of the bet in the match, “paying off part of the bet” is an option. The calculation formula for this method is:

Money received = ((Initial Odds / Odds at release) x Amount of money you want to withdraw) – Amount of money you want to withdraw.

This method allows you to flexibly adjust the bet amount based on the progress of the match, retaining your chance of winning with the rest of the bet.

Instructions on Steps to Release Bets at New88

When participating in soccer betting atNew88, knowing how to fold a bet can be the deciding strategy between winning and losing. Below is a step-by-step guide to making this decision accurately and effectively.

Step 1: Carefully Monitor the Game Progress

First, keep an eye on the progress of the match. A change in odds, match position, or any important event may affect your decision.

Step 2: Review Current Odds

Next, check the current odds for the bet you placed. These odds will be an important factor in determining how much money you can withdraw when bet off.

Step 3: Decide to release the entire bet or partially release the bet

Based on the progress of the match and the odds at that time, you need to decide whether you will “clear the entire bet” to completely get out of your current bet, or just “clear partially” to still keep one foot in the bet. game. This choice will depend on how confident you are in the final outcome of the match and your willingness to accept the remaining risk.
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Step 4: Implement Bet Release on the Interface New88

Once you’ve decided, go to your accountNew88 your bet, find the bet you placed, and select the “return bet” function. The system will display the amount you can withdraw and ask to confirm your decision.

Step 5: Confirm Completion

Finally, after carefully reviewing the recovery amount and related conditions, confirm your choice. SystemNew88 will automatically update your account balance according to the withdrawal amount.

Notes When Betting on Football: The Secret to Winning

Release the bet is an important skill in soccer betting, especially when playing atNew88. Here are some important notes to help you make this decision effectively:

Choose Decision Time

Carefully observe the odds and match developments before deciding to place your bet. If you choose the upper door with 1/2 handicap Left and Draw At the end of the 2nd half, releasing bets is a wise choice to minimize losses due to high loss rates.

Consider the release time based on the progress of the match, especially after important events such as goals and red cards.

Careful Calculation

Evaluate the level of risk and benefit between releasing the entire contract and releasing part of the contract. Release the entire bet when you feel there is no more chance of winning, or release a portion to keep your chance with the rest of the bet.

You can use the formula outlined above to estimate how much money you will receive back. Note that the odds change constantly, please calculate based on the latest odds.

Check the Bookie’s Bet Release Policy

Read carefully the terms and conditionsNew88 relating to the release of bets. Some matches may not be available football betting, or have limitations on discharge time.

Act Quickly

Decide quickly and act immediately via the interfaceNew88 so as not to miss the opportunity. At the same time, closely monitor the match and the betting interface to release bets promptly.


Master the technique bet off is the secret for you to improve your ability to win and control the game in the betting world. Hopefully the shares in the article have opened new doors, helping you approach and apply this strategy flexibly and wisely. Wishing all bettors to always maintain their form and enjoy brilliant victories on every betting field!

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