Great Surprise of a Gift: Action Air Bounce House

Children definitely will be attracted to these bounce houses made by Action Air because they are safe and high-quality. The well-made bounce houses can protect children from any sharp object that may be inside the house, which eliminates the danger of being hurt. This can be regarded as a great surprise as a gift for your kids. Take a deeper look into those attractive bounce houses.

Action Air: Emphasis on Safety and Quality

Action Air digs much deeper in the area of safety of their product bounce house. Firstly, the material of the bounce house is carefully chosen, which includes first-class PVC, and at the same time, the PVC is equipped with fabric reinforcement which will surely provide good strength.

At the same time, the plug of the Action Air blower is GFCI, which means the circuit breaker will block the electrical power in the event of a ground fault in under 1/40th of a second. This design can greatly reduce the risk of electrocution, that is, the death caused by electric shock, which protects the safety of kids playing on the bounce house to a large extent. Also, any button on our products is designed with a water cover button, ensuring our users’ safety.

4 Steps to Build an Entertaining House for Kids

The design of easy-to-install must be mentioned. Action Air bounce house doesn’t need a 200-pages installation manual, and the only thing you need to do is follow the thin paper and install it in less than 5 minutes. With the powerful pump, the whole inflation process only takes you 3 minutes.

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