You Can Turn Fat Into Muscle And Vice Versa.

Nope. A fat cell is a fat cell, and a muscle cell is a muscle cell, never the twain shall meet. Muscles grow bigger through exercise and decrease in size when you stop working out for an extended period of time. Fat cells also grow bigger and smaller due to changes in diet, but one never turns into the other. The old former bodybuilders who look horrible and fat? That’s not a muscle that has turned into fat. It’s just fat.

You Should Wear A Weight Belt

Not unless you are a powerlifter or someone lifting big, and I mean big, poundage. Studies on weight belts indicate that those who use them do so at the expense of building core strength. The belt becomes a crutch. When you use one, you don’t learn how to stabilize your body on its own. This can lead to injury when lifting without a belt, especially during everyday activities. It’s better to learn how to stabilize the abdominal muscles when lifting while building core strength as well.

Squats Are Bad For Your Knees.

Nope. Bad squats are bad for your knees. Good squats are one of the best exercises not only for strengthening the muscles around your knees but for toning the lower body as well. But you need to do them right. Here are some tips on how to do a perfect squat.

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Squats Will Make Women’s Legs Big

Nope. So many women avoid doing one of the most effective lower-body exercises because of this ridiculous myth. I have listened to countless women tell me how they just had to stop doing squats” because they legs got huge. Usually after just a few sessions. If it were only that easy! Women simply don’t have the testosterone necessary to get big legs. They may feel that their legs are bigger.

They may be tighter, or sorer from squats, but they definitely are not huge as a result. Not even close. Remember, exercise will not make a woman huge, overeating will. And not doing your workouts.

This one really drives me nuts. So many men’s magazines leave out the single most important ingredient needed to look like the guy flexing with the perfect body: drugs. No matter how faithfully you follow the workout routines, unless you use steroids, human growth hormone, diuretics, whatever, you will never look like the Adonis in the article. The magazines are setting you up for failure. Does this mean you can’t sculpt an amazing body without drugs? Absolutely not. You most certainly can. You just won’t ever look as big or as ripped as the majority of those guys without significant pharmaceutical help.

The Best Lower-Body Exercise Is the Squat!

The squat is one of the most effective exercises for toning the lower body. It’s simple, you can do it anywhere, and you can modify it in an infinite number of ways to keep the results coming. On a BOSU ball, with a barbell, while holding a medicine ball: there are innumerable ways to change a squat. This exercise is one of the top tools in every great trainer’s exercise arsenal.

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