Villarreal CF The Spanish professional football team has been sponsored and developed by OKVIP. So what is the contract? Please follow the next part.

The Return of Villarreal Cf With the Companion of the AllianceOKVIP

Villarreal CF is a famous professional football club that is of interest to millions of fans. Especially recently, the team has signed a cooperation contract OKVIP, promising a spectacular development. For specific information, please follow the next section.

Overview of the Villarreal CF team

About Villarreal CF

If you are a fan of Villarreal, knowing all the information about the club is inevitable. You should have more knowledge about the team, preliminary information, achievements,… these data will help you easily make bets in the future.

About Villarreal CF club

Villarreal Club is highly appreciated by millions of fans for its professionalism, performance and sustainable development. The team was founded in 1023 and went through countless different matches to reach the top and become the most prominent name in the Spanish football industry.

Since the first years of establishment, the team has continuously conquered all challenges to achieve success. Accordingly, in the 2019-2020 season the team successfully won 5th place in the La Liga tournament.

After that, Villarreal CF has earned a spot in the UEFA Europa League 2020-2021. The club did not disappoint fans by defeating Manchester United in the final and winning the biggest trophy for the team.

About competition uniforms

Villarreal CF uniform

Villarreal CF Currently using 2 different kits for home and away matches. Although there are differences in color, the symbols and information will still be the same as the original.

Specifically, at home the team will wear bright yellow outfits, the logo will be designed on the front. To stand out, the outfit is also trimmed at the neck and sleeves. The collar will be designed in a modern inward turn design, which is both unobtrusive and a sweat-absorbent pad. The jersey is combined with yellow pants and yellow socks to create a perfect look.

When the team plays away from home, they will wear red uniforms with a stylized ton-sur-ton stripe. This has created an interesting difference and is easier to identify.

About logosclub

Logo Villarreal CF was launched in 1923 and had no innovations other than clarity, color combinations, and sophisticated lines to make it more perfect. True to the nickname that fans give to the “Yellow Submarine” team, the logo is designed with the main color being bright yellow.

The outside border will be designed in a circle, in the center is a yellow diamond with red stripes combined with the letter CVF. At the top of the logo is placed a majestic royal crown.

Villarreal and OKVIP contract information

Villarreal CF and OKVIP contract

After understanding the basic information of the team, now let’s learn about the million dollar contract that was signed. The contract is an important milestone for the two sides to have a common strategy for sustainable development. From there, the two units will provide the best products and services to serve future customers.

The contract was signed as a commercial treaty. This is also a commitment to bring the football and entertainment industry to glory for the sports enthusiast community.

Terms in the contract

ToVillarreal CF and OKVIP can cooperate in a transparent, fair and sustainable way, we have decided to clarify the terms. Ensuring that unnecessary risks will not occur in the future. Specifically:

Articles 1:

The OKVIP alliance will provide sponsorship for the team Villarreal CF about money todress servicein development process.

Clause 2:

The Villarreal team will design the alliance logo on the shirt to increase recognition. At the same time, the club will coordinate with the unit to promote OKVIP’s products and services. This includes the team appearing on billboards, livestreams, applications, information, game halls, etc. The two sides will share profits together in all areas.

Clause 3:

Villarreal CF contract terms

The two sides will develop other campaigns besides supporting each other in trade. For example, sponsoring disadvantaged children, supporting people, charity organizations, organizing activities to support children’s football development,…

Clause 4:

Logo OKVIP will appear on the players’ jerseys in all domestic and foreign competitions. This helps increase brand recognition and promote the unit.

Clause 5:

OKVIP will use the team’s image in the unit’s advertising and marketing campaigns. This combination will helpVillarreal CF reach out to the football community in more places. Create a reputable brand image.


Villarreal CF is a team full of development potential in today’s football industry. With the cooperation of the OKVIP alliance, there will certainly be many changes in the future and the title of La Liga champion will soon belong to the club. Please accompany OKVIP to update more exclusive news about Villarreal!

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