Throw-In Odds and Tips for Predicting Perfect Throw-in Odds

Throw-in betting is a popular form of betting not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries around the world. To be successful in participating in throw-in bets, follow the information shared by goal123 tips below.

Learn about throw-in betting

Throw-in bet, also known as “Throw In” in English, in which participants bet on the number of throw-ins of the two competing teams. The number of throw-ins is calculated during the match, and there are many different forms of betting to choose from. However, throw-in betting is very difficult because throw-in situations are often difficult to predict and are completely based on the basic principles of football rules.

In a match, situations where a throw-in is required is taken right at the position where the ball rolls out of bounds, at the vertical line. Each bookmaker will offer different odds levels for customers to choose from. However, predicting throw-in situations such as the ball going out of the field of play, touching the touchline, touching a player from both teams, in penalty throw-in situations… is a big challenge for you.

Popular forms of throw-in betting

To bet correctly, you need to understand the different types of bets. Down hereGoal123 summarizes some popular forms of throw-in betting that users often participate in.

Handicap bet

Handicap betting is a commonly used form in throw-ins. You must choose the over or under bet based on the total number of throw-ins of both teams. If you choose the upper bet, you bet the total number of throw-ins will be more than the other team, and vice versa. The match time in this market is also considered when placing a bet. You can choose to bet on the first half or the whole match.


Betting on over/under in throw-in betting is quite similar to betting on over/under on goals or over/under on corner kicks. What you need to care about is the total number of throw-ins of both teams during the match, regardless of which team will throw in more or which team has the right to throw in first. The bookmaker will give you lower odds than the handicap bet, and you can rely on this score to predict the number of throw-ins in the match and choose over or under.
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Throw-in bets by team

Throw-in bets by team are also very popular in throw-in. This is a form of betting based on which team will throw in first or last. You have to make a decision about which team will throw in first or last and bet on that team.

If the team you have chosen throws in first, you will win, otherwise if that team throws in last, you will lose. This is a very simple and easy to understand form of betting, but no less attractive as the chance of winning is extremely high.

Throw-in bets based on position

This is a special form of bet on throw-ins. You will predict the throw-in position of the team. There are many different positions such as: throwing from the left wing or right wing, etc

The bookmaker will give odds for each position. If the player bets on the correct position, he or she will be paid a bonus according to the bet rate. This is a highly tactical form of betting. To win, you need to learn carefully about the team, its playing style and kicking style to make the right decision.

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Extremely accurate throw-in betting tips

When betting on throw-ins, there are some rules that should be followed to make the correct decision. You can use these methods to remove capital or combine them with other forms of betting.

Analyze pre-match information

Learning and predicting which teams are strong and weak is important to determine which team is at the top and which team is at the bottom. Strong teams often have a higher advantage in the number of throw-ins in the match. You can rely on the odds given by the house to make a more accurate decision.

You should refer to reputable football websites and match results of the most recent 5 matches to predict upcoming match situations. You should not bet on the edge based on emotions because this will only cause you to fall into an uncontrolled betting spiral.

Developments of rounds during the season

If the team is in good form and is playing in important rounds, they can launch a strong attack and increase the frequency of throw-ins in search of goals. However, if the team has achieved a safe result or is playing in rounds that are not too important, they can reduce the frequency of throw-ins to save energy and wait for opportunities to counterattack.

Throw-in bets are present in all attractive matches on the Goal123 odds board. Follow the information, update match results, predict extremely accurate throw-in results in the next throw-in here. Wishing you a great harvest with your favorite sport.

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