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The Technical Excellence of GZ Longest’s Shockwave Therapy Equipment

GZ Longest takes pride in introducing the LGT-2510A shockwave therapy equipment, an epitome of technical innovation in musculoskeletal care. This article delves into the technical specifications of the shockwave therapy equipment, demonstrating its advanced features and precision engineering that make it a standout choice in the world of healthcare.

Integrated Air Compressor for Optimal Performance

At the heart of LGT-2510A lies an integrated air compressor sourced from Germany. This premium component ensures the stable output of shockwaves, providing therapists with a trustworthy tool for patient care. The integration of this compressor highlights GZ Longest’s commitment to quality and performance.

 Precision Control Over Pressure and Frequency

LGT-2510A provides therapists with precise control over treatment parameters. With a pressure range adjustable from 1.0 to 5.0 bar in increments of 0.1 bar, therapists can fine-tune treatments to meet the unique needs of each patient. The frequency range, adjustable from 1 to 22 Hz in 1 Hz increments, further enhances treatment customization. The ability to control pulse settings from 1 to 3000 pulses in increments of 100 ensures that therapists can tailor treatments for optimal results.

Compact Design for Space Efficiency

Despite its advanced capabilities, the shockwave therapy equipment maintains a compact design, measuring 54.2(L) × 44.5(W) × 112.0(H) cm and weighing 56.0 kg. This space-efficient design ensures that the device can be seamlessly integrated into clinical settings, optimizing space utilization and workflow efficiency.


GZ Longest’s LGT-2510A Shockwave Therapy Equipment embodies technical excellence in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Its integrated air compressor, user-friendly interface, precision control, and space-efficient design empower therapists to provide precise and effective treatments. By choosing GZ Longest’s shockwave therapy equipment, healthcare providers elevate the standards of patient care, ensuring that each treatment is tailored for optimal results.

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