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Techking’s High-Quality Haul Truck Tires: Enhancing Performance and Efficiency

Techking, a leading global tire manufacturer, has established a strong presence in the mining industry with its high-quality haul truck tires. With localized operations in Australia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Techking is committed to providing exceptional service and tire solutions tailored to the unique needs of mining operations.

Techking Australia: Addressing the Needs of the Australian Mining Industry

Techking Australia, launched in November 2018, represents Techking’s commitment to localizing its operations and meeting the specific demands of the Australian mining industry. With strategically located warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, Techking ensures efficient distribution of its mining haul truck tires across the country. The dedicated sales team covers major cities and key mining areas, providing personalized technical service to support customers in selecting the right tire for their applications and working conditions.

Techking DRC: Enhancing Service Capability in the DRC

In January 2022, Techking established its office in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This move demonstrates Techking’s commitment to serving the mining industry in this resource-rich region. The office is equipped with three local warehouses strategically located in Lubumbashi, Likasi, and Kolwezi. This setup enables Techking to fulfill same-day orders and provide next-day delivery to local mining customers. The purpose-built Techking Service Center (TSC) will serve as a hub for comprehensive tire service solutions, including tire maintenance, repair, and management.


Techking is recognized globally for its commitment to delivering high-quality tires that meet the demanding requirements of the mining industry. The company’s mining haul truck tires are built to withstand the harsh conditions experienced in mining operations, including rough terrains, heavy loads, and abrasive materials. As a result, you can trust Techking’s quality mining truck tires for greater peace of mind during transportation.

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