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Elevate Your Projects with Flyaford’s EL Series Electrical Standoff Insulators

In the realm of electrical engineering, reliable insulation solutions are indispensable for ensuring safety and efficiency. Enter Flyaford, a trusted name in the industry, renowned for its commitment to excellence. With Flyaford’s EL Series Electrical Standoff Insulators, individuals can elevate their projects with confidence, knowing that they’re backed by top-tier insulation technology.

Key Features

Flyaford’s EL Series electrical standoff insulators offer versatility and reliability, with heights ranging from 60 to 150 mm and diameters from 60 to 65 mm. Crafted from premium BMC and DMC materials, these insulators provide superior electrical insulation properties and mechanical strength, ensuring optimal performance in various electrical applications. With compatibility for screws ranging from M10 to M12, installation is simplified, saving time and effort. Additionally, Flyaford’s EL Series insulators come with a comprehensive set of certifications, including CE, REACH, ELV, and SGS, and comply with ISO and IATF standards, guaranteeing exceptional quality and safety.


Flyaford’s EL Series electrical standoff insulators find applications across a wide range of electrical systems and equipment, including power distribution panels, control cabinets, transformers, and more. Whether used in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, or renewable energy installations, these insulators provide reliable electrical insulation solutions to meet the specific requirements of diverse applications.


With Flyaford’s EL Series electrical standoff insulators, individuals aren’t just getting insulation; they’re getting peace of mind. Backed by superior craftsmanship, quality materials, and rigorous certifications, Flyaford ensures that every EL Series insulator meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Experience the difference that Flyaford’s commitment to excellence can make in electrical projects.

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