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Elevate Your Industrial Performance with Frecon FR600 Series Vector Control Inverter

In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, precision, reliability, and efficiency are essential for success. The Frecon FR600 Series 550VAC/690VAC Vector Control Inverter embodies these qualities, offering unmatched performance and adaptability.

Precise Speed Control: Central to the FR600 Series is its advanced High Performance SVC Control Mode, ensuring seamless operation and precise control. Whether regulating speed or managing torque, Frecon’s vector control inverter provides unparalleled accuracy and consistency.

Robust Torque Management

With a Torque Control Response time of under 200ms, the FR600 Series responds swiftly to dynamic operational requirements. Its Starting Torque capability, up to 180% of Rated Torque at 0.5Hz, ensures robust performance from the outset, enhancing operational reliability.

Efficient Master-Slave Control

Frecon’s FR600 Series introduces an Excellent Master-Slave Control feature, optimizing power distribution for multi-motor setups. This innovative functionality not only extends the lifespan of each motor but also enhances overall system efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

Advanced Autotuning Functionality

Embracing innovation, the FR600 Series boasts a comprehensive Autotuning Function, including Rotary Autotuning and Static Autotuning. These advanced features streamline setup and maximize operational efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industrial applications.


In conclusion, the Frecon FR600 Series Vector Control Inverter sets a new benchmark for industrial automation, delivering precision, reliability, and efficiency. With its advanced features and adaptable design, Frecon’s vector control inverter empowers industries to elevate their performance and achieve new levels of productivity. Experience the difference with Frecon and unlock the full potential of your industrial operations and the power of Frecon’s vector control inverter and take your industrial performance to new heights.

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