Discover the Power and Versatility of the Jinpeng XT150 Electric Cargo Tricycle

Are you in search of a game-changing solution to enhance your cargo transportation needs? Look no further than the Jinpeng XT150 Electric Cargo Tricycle. With its impressive overall dimensions of 2900×1130×1630mm, powerful 60V1000W motor, and reliable brake system, the XT150 is revolutionizing how businesses handle logistics.

Features of XT150

One of the standout features of the XT150 is its exceptional tire configuration. This electric cargo tricycle ensures optimal stability and traction on various terrains, equipped with front and rear tires measuring 3.5-12 and 3.75-12, respectively. Whether navigating busy city streets or tackling rougher surfaces, the XT150 delivers a smooth and secure ride.

Efficiency is at the core of the XT150’s design. With a remarkable range per charge of 50-60km, you can confidently complete multiple trips without worrying about battery life. Additionally, the XT150 boasts a maximum speed of 35km/h, allowing you to reach your destination swiftly while adhering to traffic regulations.

The Jinpeng XT150 is both a practical and environmentally friendly choice. By opting for this electric cargo bicycle, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation solutions. Embrace the future of eco-conscious logistics with the XT150.


In conclusion, the Jinpeng XT150 Electric Cargo Tricycle offers power, versatility, and efficiency. Its robust construction, advanced features, and impressive specifications make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimize cargo transportation operations. Upgrade your logistics game today with the XT150 and experience the difference firsthand.

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