Cockroaches: 3 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Them

Cockroaches are common household pests that contaminate food and affect the stay in your home. Failure to get rid of them can expose you to a wide range of illnesses. You can hire experts like Rove Pest Control or try different methods to help eliminate these home pests.

How to get rid of cockroaches? 3 natural tips to eradicate them

Are you feeling blue just thinking about going home? It is better not to wait for their proliferation to get rid of them. It is essential to act as soon as they appear! You can test these natural methods before going the hard way!

  1. Use baking soda and sugar: mix a glass of sugar with a glass of baking soda. Pour the mixture into several plates that you will place near the walls in humid and warm rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. Cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar, but the baking soda will eventually dehydrate and kill them.
  2. Sprinkle the house with diatomaceous earth: this natural insecticide, available in most supermarkets, will be formidable on these critters. Add sugar to the soil and place this powder in small heaps where the cockroaches often pass. You can use an insecticide spray in addition.
  3. Attract them with sweet wine:  pour wine and sugar into several glasses and place them in infested rooms. Attracted by the smell of wine, cockroaches climb up the walls to reach the glasses and fall into them. You can also create direct access to them by placing cardboard or tea towels near the glasses. Once in the trap, the cockroaches cannot get out.

Why is it hard to get rid of cockroaches?

Who isn’t put off by the mere sight of cockroaches? These insects, described as dirty and dangerous to health, can quickly invade your home. But to eliminate them, you must get to the root of the problem and know where they come from and the causes… In any case, disinsection is rarely inevitable. Nevertheless, you can limit the invasion by learning about the characteristics of this pest and finding out the leading causes of its appearance.

Cockroaches are one of the oldest animal species on Earth, which gives you an idea of ​​their tenacity! A  cockroach lives for about 8 months, and after reproduction, the female can lay up to 320 eggs which take between 20 and 28 days to hatch. The proliferation thus extends exponentially, and if the phenomenon is not controlled from the start, it becomes difficult to get rid of it. Even if you get rid of the current cockroaches, their eggs will hatch later, causing a new wave that must be dealt with again… a real infernal circle.

Why are there cockroaches in my house? Where do they come from?

Like most living things, the cockroach needs water and food. However, they particularly love warm and humid places. In addition, they appreciate the dark and move around, especially at night. Moisture is, therefore, often a problem in the kitchen and bathroom, so you have to pay attention to these places too.

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