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AHT20 Sensor From Saftty: Everything You Need To Know About This Integrated Temperature And Humidity Sensor

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a trustworthy and precise temperature and humidity sensor. We’ll talk about Saftty’s breakthrough new integrated temperature and humidity sensor, the AHT20 Sensor, which guarantees you always have the most precise data available. Read on to discover more about this incredible equipment if you’re searching for a reliable and effective way to measure the temperature and humidity levels.

An overview of the Saftty’s AHT20 sensor

An integrated temperature and humidity sensor for use in industrial and commercial applications is the AHT20 sensor. The sensor offers a comprehensive measurement solution for a variety of situations by combining a highly precise temperature sensor with a relative humidity (RH) sensor.

Compared to conventional temperature and humidity sensors, the AHT20 sensor has a number of advantages. The AHT20 integrated architecture firstly does away with the requirement for external wiring to connect the temperature and humidity sensors. By doing this, installation expenses, installation time, and installation error are all reduced. Comparing the AHT20 to conventional temperature and humidity sensors, the latter offers higher accuracy. The AHT20 has a temperature accuracy of +/-0.3°C and a relative humidity accuracy of +/-2%. Third, the AHT20 sensor has a wide operating range that includes low (0% RH) and high (100%) RH levels in addition to extremely low (-40°C) and high (+80°C) temperatures. This makes it perfect for use in a number of settings, including severe or challenging circumstances. The AHT20 delivers outstanding long-term stability and little drift over time.

Overall, the AHT20 sensor is the perfect option for a variety of applications involving the detection of temperature and humidity. Compared to conventional sensors, it provides greater accuracy and stability. Its integrated design also makes installation easier.


For monitoring temperature and humidity, Saftty‘s AHT20 Sensor is a fantastic option. For applications including industrial automation systems, smart homes, weather stations, and more, it is the best choice because to its high accuracy, low power consumption, wide dynamic range, and integrated air pressure sensor. The AHT20 Sensor offers trustworthy environmental protection with little effort thanks to its user-friendly design and simple setup procedure. Saftty’s AHT20 Sensor has you covered whether you’re wanting to build up a big system or just monitor your home for comfort or safety purposes.

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