AED: A Life-Matter First-Aid Equipment

When rescued, within a minute to correctly be cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of AEDs, the patient survival rate can be as high as 90%, in public places to put AEDs to protect the lives of the masses is of great significance. Mindray, a professional AED company, is here to introduce the importance of AEDs for emergency care.

Things to do before using an AED

Assess the environment, ensure safety, and check the patient’s consciousness and breathing. If the patient is unresponsive, call emergency services as soon as possible and quickly fetch an AED and other emergency equipment; if the patient is not breathing or is only breathing near death, immediate CPR is required.

Things to do when using an AED.

“Listen to it, do with it” is the general principle of using AEDs. Be sure to do each step of the operation under the guidance of the AED voice prompts, do not advance or delay the operation.

After attaching the electrode sheet, wait for the AED to analyze whether the patient’s heart rhythm requires electrical defibrillation, and do not touch the patient to avoid affecting the instrument to analyze the heart rhythm.

If defibrillation is recommended, press the discharge button to defibrillate after ensuring no one touches the patient. The defibrillation process requires electrical discharge, so do not touch the patient and loudly remind onlookers to stay away from the patient to prevent electrocution.

If it is indicated that defibrillation is not recommended, CPR should be performed again for 2 minutes and then the rhythm should be analyzed by the AED.

Do not turn off the AED throughout the use, do not remove the electrodes, and follow its voice prompts until the patient wakes up or an ambulance arrives on the scene.


Mindray‘s AED should become an effective tool for first aid in cardiac arrest, and its innovation has been proven to improve the success rate of first aid.

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