7 Reasons To Use a Screen Door

Every homeowner wants to get the best use of their home. People do their best with the space they have, but many still find that home upgrades are necessary to create the home they want. Most upgrades involve a long timeline and a big budget, but there is one upgrade that is on the simpler side: adding a screen door. A functional upgrade, screen doors open up your space, add protection, and compliment your decor. But the benefits of this purchase don’t stop there. Here are several reasons why getting a screen door is worth it.

  1. Allows Fresh Air

It’s natural to want to open a window on a nice day. After all, few things beat a gentle breeze. No matter how nice the space, human beings still need basics like fresh air to thrive in their environment. Opening a window is nice, but opening a door is more effective at letting in some air. With a screen door, you have the freedom to open your door without opening your home to the entire world. Fresh air is a necessity worth having—get as much as you can by installing a screen door.

  1. Lets Light In

Natural light is also needed in order to thrive in any environment. Depending on where you live and how your home is positioned, you may only get a certain amount of natural light a day. Opening your door can help let more rays in when natural light seems to escape you. A screen will allow you to do this while still keeping your home secure. Why miss out on the sun when you don’t have to? Let some sunshine in by getting some use out of your new screen.

  1. Adds Security

Though a door with strong locks can halt burglars, it is not always enough to stop a break-in. With the addition of a screen door, burglars have the challenge of breaking into not just one door, but two. With choice on your side, you can even choose a frame that not only blends well with your home’s appearance, but also covers and guards the door it is attached to. The harder it is to break into your home, the safer you and your loved ones are as a whole.

  1. Keeps Bugs Out

Preventing bugs from entering a space is the main function of a screen door. No one enjoys chasing a fly around the house with a flyswatter. A screen door gives your space the fortified protection it needs from insects and critters. With a screen you can open your door and enjoy the weather without worrying about being swarmed by pests. Let the screen do its job so you don’t have to.

  1. Protects Your Door

The elements can be hard on your home. After a while, these effects can show up in specific ways: fading, scratches, indentations. Overall wear and tear is unavoidable, but purchasing a screen can vastly reduce the speed at which damage is done. Having a screen on your door can act as a protective barrier from water and wind, adding to the longevity of the paint and smooth appearance. Essentially, screen doors also protect your pockets down the line.

  1. Opens Your Space

Hosting an event is funner when you have more space to spread out. With a screen door you can open up space for guests to mingle both inside and outside, all without dividing your guests. This allows your guests to spend time indoors without having to miss out on the fun. Whether connected to an enclosed deck or an open backyard, the screen doors acts as the “bridge” between the spaces.

  1. Increases Home Value

When it comes time to sell, upgrading your home can help you do well in the housing market. Though some home upgrades are costly and take large amounts of time, a screen door involves simple installation and can meet a variety of price points. Adding a screen increases the function of your door, making it a notable selling point for buyers. Screen doors are an attractive feature and are often seen as a necessity or must-have. Make it your must-have to increase the value of your home overall.

Choose What Works

Screen doors just make sense! There is no better way to enjoy fresh air and sunshine on a lovely day while keeping the bugs out. You have many options to choose from—folding or sliding, magnets or locks—and you can even match your screen door to compliment your home’s exterior. No matter what screen door you choose, make the best selection for you according to you and your home’s needs. With a list like this, it’s clear that adding a screen door can only enhance your way of living.

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