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Wellead Medical: Your Trusted Foley Catheter Supplier for Innovative Solutions

Wellead Medical, a renowned medical device manufacturer, is dedicated to revolutionizing the global healthcare market with its commitment to new technologies and innovative solutions. With an impressive portfolio, Wellead Medical boasts 51 products registered with the FDA, 83 products CE certified, and 90 products registered in China. Additionally, their products have gained regulatory approvals in Japan, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. In this article, we will explore Wellead Medical’s expertise as a leading Foley catheter supplier, focusing on the exceptional features of their latex Foley catheters.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Foley Catheters

Wellead Medical’s latex Foley catheters are designed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal performance and patient comfort. Made of high-quality latex material, these catheters offer durability and flexibility, enabling smooth insertion and secure placement. The silicone coating adds an extra layer of lubrication, reducing friction and discomfort during catheterization. Additionally, Wellead Medical employs color coding for size identification, allowing healthcare professionals to easily select the appropriate catheter for their patients’ needs.

Regulatory Approvals and Global Reach

With an extensive range of registered products, Wellead Medical has obtained regulatory approvals in key markets worldwide. Their commitment to meeting stringent standards is evident with 16 products registered in Japan, 26 products registered in Canada, 38 products registered in Australia, and 55 products registered in Brazil. These certifications and registrations highlight Wellead Medical’s dedication to providing high-quality Foley catheters that meet the specific requirements of different countries, ensuring patient safety and compliance.


With an impressive portfolio of registered products and regulatory approvals, Wellead Medical has established a strong presence in various countries, meeting the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Their latex Foley catheters, featuring latex construction, silicone coating, and size identification color coding, exemplify their commitment to quality and patient comfort.

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