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Unveiling the VapoRider Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Disposable: A Game-Changer in Vaping

VapoRider introduces the revolutionary Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Disposable, a premium disposable vape device that is taking the vaping world by storm. Targeting vapers who seek convenience without compromising on performance, this sleek and advanced vape offers cutting-edge features and unmatched satisfaction.

Introducing the Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Disposable

The Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Disposable by VapoRider is a true game-changer in the world of disposable vaping devices. This innovative device comes prefilled with 16ml of e-liquid, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment without the hassle of refills. Designed for ultimate convenience, the Geek Bar Pulse offers two distinct modes to cater to different vaping preferences.

Unleashing Advanced Vaping Technology

One of the standout features of the Geek Bar Pulse is its dual-mode functionality. In Pulse mode, users can enjoy up to 7500 puffs at a maximum output of 20W, delivering smooth and consistent vapor production. For those seeking an extended vaping experience, the Regular mode offers an impressive 15000 puffs draw thanks to its integrated dual mesh coil. Powered by a rechargeable 650mAh battery, this disposable vape packs a punch while being easy to use and maintain.

Innovative Design for Enhanced User Experience

The Geek Bar Pulse sets itself apart with its full-screen display located on the side of the device. This intuitive feature allows users to monitor the battery level and e-liquid remaining, ensuring they never run out unexpectedly. Constructed from a soft-touch coating, the ergonomically designed mouthpiece with smoothed-out edges offers a comfortable vaping experience, making it a joy to use for extended periods.


In conclusion, the VapoRider Geek Bar Pulse 15000 Disposable redefines the vaping experience with its cutting-edge features and user-friendly design. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, this innovative device is sure to impress with its performance, convenience, and style. Discover a whole new level of vaping bliss with the GEEK BAR PULSE 15000, available at online geek bar vape shops.

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