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throw-in bet is an interesting form of betting that many bookmakers take advantage of to create excitement for football matches, making the atmosphere of match watchers and bettors even hotter. But do you know what a throw-in is and how to play this bet? This article will provide you with the necessary information to play successfully.

Find out what a  throw-in bet is?

Before understanding about throw-in bet is, you need to understand what a throw-in is like in a football match. A throw-in is something the players will do when the ball leaves the sideline of the field.

If you follow soccer, the soccer field always has a vertical and horizontal boundary. In case the ball is kicked out of bounds and hits a player from the opposing team, the team that made the kick will win. perform a throw-in.

The throw-in will be taken right at the position where the ball rolls out and whichever team gets the throw-in will have the advantage of keeping the ball and this also indirectly means that the ball game will be restarted from the beginning. head. Therefore, there have been many bets set up based on this rule of the match.

Specifically, many bettors will bet on odds such as which team will be the first to throw in, which team will be the last to throw in in that match, or they can also bet on who will be the next team to throw in. Bet on the total number of throw-ins…

throw-in betting abroad, especially with international matches, you can also see this bet with another name called Throw-in-betting.

Advantages and disadvantages of  throw-in betting

(1) Advantages of betting

  • throw-in bet Easy to play, anyone can bet and it’s easy to win prizes.
  • The reward rate of the bet is high so it is popular with many people.
  • This is a popular type of bet that has players everywhere.
  • throw-in bet There are many ways to bet and you can bet flexibly for the beginning of the match or the entire match, depending on the progress of the live match.
  • The number of players making throw-ins in a match is extremely large, so you only need to understand a little about your team to be able to hope to win big and win many prizes.

(2) Disadvantages of  throw-in bets

  • If players betting on throw-in bets do not clearly understand the rules of the game, they will not be able to bet.
  • Betting throw-in bet Players also need to clearly understand the strengths and playing styles of the players on their favorite team, from which they can speculate whether they are capable of making throw-ins or not.
  • The bet has a high reward rate, but on the contrary, if you unfortunately lose the bet, the bet amount will also correspond to the rate that the house has listed on the odds board, so if you are not sure, you will most likely lose. bet is over.

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Throw-in odds

In throw-in bet, people can apply many different types of odds, specifically throw-in handicap odds and throw-in over-under odds, or sometimes bookmakers also play the first throw-in… specifically as after:

(1) Handicap betting

Throw-in handicap is a form of handicap betting, but instead of handicapping to see which team wins, which team loses and what is the difference between the winning and losing scores. The bookie’s throw-in handicap bet will be based on the team’s strength and playing style to set the handicap.

Based on the handicap given by the house, players will base on the result of the match to calculate whether they win full money, half money, tie the bet or lose half the bet, there are also cases of losing. all bets.

However, this bet is very difficult to play, because basically the handicap is a difficult bet to play because the strength of the two teams in the same match is often difficult to judge the difference, so this bet is desirable. To play proficiently, the player must be someone who has researched carefully.

(2) Over/under betting

Betting on Over/Under of throw-in bet is the exact opposite of the throw-in handicap, extremely easy to play and understand.

Specifically, you just need to look at the bookie’s odds table, if you see that the bookie has opened a  throw-in bet and gives you a specific number first, then you can understand if you predict the match with a total number of throw-ins. greater than that number, you will bet money on Over.

On the contrary, if you think that the match will have a total number of throw-ins less than the number given by the house, then you bet on Under.

Over/under bets also have a bonus rate. If you win, you will get your bet back and receive an additional bonus that is the bet multiplied by the bonus rate. Otherwise, if you lose the bet, you will lose the entire previous bet.

(3) Bet on the first ball

When playing this bet, you are betting on which team will be the first to take the throw-in.

If you predict and bet correctly, the bonus will be awarded proportionally. If you do not guess correctly and the bet is lost, you will lose the entire bet.

Besides the first  throw-in bet, players also have the opportunity to place additional bets on the throw-in bet 2nd result, next result or last result.

Playing this bet means you predict according to the team. If the team makes a throw-in that matches your prediction, you will be rewarded with money.

Specific instructions on how to view valid  throw-in bets

 throw-in bet Like other bets, only if you make the correct bet will you have the opportunity to receive a bonus from the house. Things you need to keep in mind to make your  throw-in bet valid:

Betting opening time:Or in other words, the time to calculate the bet, depending on each bet, there are different calculation methods. For example, if you bet on the first team to take a throw-in, this bet will be opened before the match and the results will be calculated based on the actual match.

Throw-ins are considered valid bets: For many different bookmakers, the calculation of odds will not be the same. Some places only calculate vertical odds according to the rules of the soccer match, but there are also bookmakers that accept both cross-throws and incorrect throw-ins, up to Even a throw-in that is wrong and then thrown again is still counted. Therefore, before playing, you need to clearly understand the house’s rules.

How to calculate  throw-in bets

How to calculate money throw-in bet It’s as simple as calculating money in other bets that you already know. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the reward rate of that bet. Once you understand the reward rate, you can calculate it most accurately.

For example, in a match between team A and team B, the first throw-in odds for team A are 2.5, for team B are 3. If the player bets an amount of 100 VND:

  • Team A throws in first, you win the bet, you receive a bet of 100 VND and receive an additional bonus of 100 VND x 2.5 = 250 VND. If you lose the bet, you lose 100 VND.
  • Team B throws in first, if you win the bet, you will receive 100 VND of the original bet and receive a bonus of 100 VND x 3 = 300 VND. If you lose, you will lose 100 VND.

Similarly, if you bet on Over/Under on throw-ins, the number given by the house is 7 throw-ins for the entire match. Based on the final result as a basis for payout, for example you bet an amount of 100 VND. Possible cases are:

  • If you win the Over bet, the odds are 1.5, you will receive a reward of 100 VND x 1.5 = 150 VND, if you lose the bet, you will lose 100 VND.
  • If you win the Under bet, the odds of this bet being 2, you will receive a bonus of 100 VND x 2 = 200 VND. If you lose the Under bet, you will lose 100 VND.

Instructions on how to participate in  throw-in betting at New88

  • Step 1: Player goes to the homepage of Nhà cái New88, in the upper right corner of the screen select Register and fill in the basic information as required by the system.
  • Step 2: Once your account is registered, in order to be able to play and place bets, you must deposit money. To deposit money, players follow the instructions for each different deposit method indicated by the system: deposit via bank account, deposit with e-wallet or use crypto currency to deposit into the account. New88.
  • Step 3: Players return to the home page and find the Sports section, click on it to select the lobby New88 Sports, CMD368 lobby or lobbyMax Bet to start betting.
  • Step 4: Choose to bet on Soccer, then click on the tournament you want to follow, then find the soccer match with your favorite team to bet on.
  • Step 5: Players look at the throw-in bet section, confirm the reward rate of the bet and then click to enter the amount they want to bet. Check the bet again and then click Place Bet to complete.
  • Step 6: Track the match results, if you win the bet, the bonus will be multiplied according to the bonus rate and automatically paid to your account. If you lose the throw-in bet, your previous bet will be deducted.
  • Step 7: Players can check detailed information of their old bets in the History section.

 throw-in betting tips drawn from experts

Football bettors in general should fully understand the team they want to bet on, or at least watch the team’s latest matches with the opposing team to observe their strength and playing style. that team.

Teams with good football skills and good control of their formation and playing style will have a much lower throw-in rate than teams with an attacking style of play.

Players betting on this bet should watch the live progress of the match to be able to promptly lower their bets.

Situations that occur during the match will greatly affect the final result, so if you have time, you should both watch to understand the developments and place bets, the winning rate will be much higher.

If after the first half you feel that the match between the two teams is going at a fairly fast pace, then players can bet heavily on  throw-in bets, because it is very difficult for players to kick the ball out of bounds. big.

If you have done some research about your favorite team and feel quite confident when placing a bet, then for other bets you can bet as you like, especially with throw-in bet Players should consider this, because a team with a strong playing force will not always throw in a lot.


The above article has given you an overall overview throw-in bet, details about the advantages and disadvantages of the bet, how to calculate the money and what tips you need to know… hope you can play this bet happily and win a lot. For detailed information you can contact our customer support team New88 for further advice.

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