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Revolutionizing Energy Storage: Great Power’s Liquid-Cooled Batteries for Cutting-Edge ESS Solutions

Great Power stands at the forefront of stationary energy storage systems battery manufacturing, having introduced its groundbreaking ESS system in 2011. Operating in more than 50 countries/areas, Great Power is a global leader providing energy storage solutions that redefine the landscape of sustainable power.

Innovative Thermal Insulation and Great Flow Channel Design 

Great Power’s liquid-cooled batteries come equipped with thermal insulation between cells, eliminating heat diffusion and ensuring uniform temperature differences within a mere 2 ℃. This breakthrough design guarantees stability and reliability in energy storage. The great flow channel design, optimized through advanced thermal simulation technology, further enhances performance, offering a 20% longer cycle life compared to air-cooled alternatives.

Next-Level Performance: LiqRack-1P416S and LiqRack-1P360S

Great Power’s LiqRack series represents a paradigm shift in ESS technology. With LiqRack-1P416S and LiqRack-1P360S, businesses can experience unparalleled performance. These liquid-cooled packs, designed to operate in parallel, are especially suitable for container energy storage systems. The modular design facilitates easy application combination, offering flexibility tailored to diverse energy storage needs.

Versatility Unleashed: Tailored Energy Storage Solutions

Explore Great Power’s extensive product portfolio, featuring cells, packs, racks, cabinets, and containers designed for various scenarios. Whether for residential, commercial & industrial (C&I), or utility-scale applications, Great Power delivers energy storage solutions that cater to a spectrum of requirements. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Great Power ensures businesses have the tools they need to navigate the evolving landscape of energy storage.


In the dynamic realm of energy storage, Great Power continues to lead the way, offering liquid-cooled batteries that redefine performance and reliability. Businesses worldwide can trust Great Power’s innovative solutions to meet their energy storage needs with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront.

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