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Edan’s H30 Pro: Unlocking Advanced Capabilities in 3-Part Hematology Analysis

Edan‘s H30 Pro is a robust 3 part hematology analyzer designed to meet the needs of cost-minded and quality-focused clinical laboratories. With its range of advanced features, this analyzer unlocks new possibilities in hematology analysis. From enhanced specifications to a streamlined workflow, the H30 Pro is a game-changer in the field of 3-part hematology analysis.

Enhanced Specification for Expanded Clinical Capabilities

The H30 Pro boasts an enhanced specification that expands the clinical capabilities of hematology analysis.  With advanced algorithms and precise measurement technologies, this analyzer delivers accurate and reliable results. From complete blood counts (CBC) to differential leukocyte analysis, the H30 Pro provides comprehensive insights into a patient’s hematological profile. This expanded clinical capability empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide quality care to their patients.

Streamlined Workflow with a Brand-New Operating System

Edan’s H30 Pro features a brand-new operating system that simplifies the working process in clinical laboratories. The intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy for laboratory technicians to navigate and operate the analyzer.  The streamlined workflow ensures efficient sample processing, reducing turnaround time and improving laboratory productivity. With the H30 Pro’s new operating system, clinical laboratories can optimize their workflow and enhance overall efficiency.


Edan’s H30 Pro 3-part hematology analyzer is a reliable and advanced solution for clinical laboratories seeking cost-minded and quality-focused hematology analysis. With its enhanced specification and streamlined workflow, the H30 Pro empowers healthcare professionals to expand their clinical capabilities and optimize laboratory efficiency. Edan continues to innovate and provide high-quality solutions like the H30 Pro, revolutionizing the field of 3-part hematology analysis and delivering improved patient care.

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