Dragon tiger New88 – The most attractive and classy game at the house

Dragon tiger New88 not only brings you interesting experiences but also has the opportunity to earn huge income every day. With simple gameplay and uncomplicated rules, you will definitely be satisfied when participating. However, to ensure a high winning rate, new players should explore the article below before placing a bet.

A little introduction about the game Dragon Tiger  New88

Dragon Tiger is an online betting game that is quite popular in Vietnam on all different platforms and has spread to Asian countries. Currently, this game is attracting a huge number of participating members at bookmaker  New88 because the rules are simple and suitable for all audiences.

Basically, when participating in playing Dragon Tiger Trang chủ đăng nhập New88, you will have 3 choices to bet on: Dragon, Tiger and Draw. In addition, this game will usually be used from a deck of 52 cards.

Thus, after you have chosen the appropriate bet and placed your money, the house will begin to divide it. Then two doors will open in turn. If your prediction is correct, you will receive the corresponding reward.

In addition, the participation process is not complicated, you just need to own a smartphone with an internet connection. Then open a member account at the house and access the game to place bets. It’s quite simple, right?

Rules for playing Dragon Tiger game  New88

As mentioned above, for this betting game the rules are not complicated, even if you are a newbie you can participate easily. Accordingly:

  • At the dragon and tiger New88 There is no limit to the number of members participating in one game.
  • Before starting to deal cards, players need to bet a specific amount within the specified time.
  • Next, the Dealer will proceed to pay one card to each side, Dragon and Tiger.
  • At this point, the player’s task is to predict which door has the higher score and place a bet.
  • After turning over the cards, the side with the higher score will win.

So it can be seen that this is a game with extremely simple gameplay. The task of each member when participating is just to predict which bet will have the higher score. If they match, it means you will get a bonus corresponding to your investment.

How to play Dragon Tiger game at  New88?

To make the process of participating in online betting on Dragon Tiger game at bookmaker  New88 go smoothly, you can review some basic instructions below. Accordingly:

How to bet

In the game Dragon Tiger  New88, there are many different forms of betting for you to choose from. Specifically:

  • Dragon and tiger door: You are allowed to bet on two doors, which are dragon and tiger.
  • Tie bet: In this case, you make a choice that the result will be equal in number of points.
  • Even or odd bet: For this bet, you only need to make a prediction that the dragon tiger will have an even or odd score.

However, you need to be careful when placing odd-even bets on dragon or tiger, if either side shows 7 points, it means losing money.

Scoring method

For the scoring method in the game Dragon Tiger New88 nothing complicated either. Accordingly, you only need to apply the formulas below. Specifically:

  • Cards from 2 to 10 will be counted based on the corresponding number of points displayed on them.
  • The Ace card will be counted as 1 point, this is the lowest card in the dragon and tiger card.
  • The remaining cards such as J, Q, K will be counted with points of 11, 12 and 13 respectively.

Pay rate

When participating in betting on this game, in addition to understanding the rules and points, you should also pay attention to how money is calculated. As follows:

  • For the two doors Dragon and Tiger there will be payout rateslove Corresponding to the amount you previously placed is 1:1.
  • In case you bet on a draw and the result matches, you will receive a payout ratio of 1:8.

Instructions for participating in playing Dragon Tiger game  New88

After understanding all the information about the Dragon Tiger game, if you want to participate in betting at the house, please follow the instructions below. Specifically:

  • Step 1: First, visit the house’s homepage and open an account by clicking on the registration section. Then fill in all personal information as required.
  • Step 2: Next, make a deposit via payment methods supported by the house.
  • Step 3: Now, after having money at the interface, click on the casino section on the left corner of the screen.
  • Step 4: Next, select the Dragon Tiger game in the casino lobby.
  • Step 5: Finally, place a bet on the door that you think will bring you luck and wait to receive the results after a few seconds.

Good  New88 dragon and tiger betting tips for newbies

In order for the experience to bring excitement with huge rewards, you should pocket some good tips below. Accordingly:

  • Check the detailed history of previous games to find out the pattern of each door appearing.
  • Minimize betting on a draw because the chance of winning is quite low.
  • You should know how to divide capital into small parts for long-term experience.
  • Always keep yourself in a comfortable state of mind during the betting process.
  • Apply appropriate folding strategies at the right time.

Above are detailed information about the all-time hit game that attracts thousands of participants at the bookmaker named Dragon Tiger New88 https://new889.blue/. Hopefully it will help you learn more good experiences from shared experts to bring yourself huge rewards in every bet.

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